Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The cold water

                                The cold water

Once there was a girl called Hazel Walker who had two best friends, Skinny and Binny. Skinny and Binny were both trolls and brothers. Skinny and Binny had long hair. Skinny had a bright yellow skin and  hair colour and Binny had a bright green skin and hair colour. Skinny and Binny had very little eyes but had big ears. They looked very young also they smelled like soup.

One day Hazel and her family decided they would go to the beach since it was a very very a hot day. So Hazel called Skinny and Binny over and off they went. Mr and Mrs Walker planned a boat ride for the family so they all went inside the boat. Hazel had never been on a boat like this one and it was called a sailing boat.

Not long after setting off Skinny and Binny fell out of the water shouting “Help Help”. Skinny and Binny did not know how to swim. As Skinny and Binny shouted and began sinking Hazel reacted quickly by putting on a life jacket and “Splash” jumped in after Skinny and then Binny. Hazel grabbed Mr Walker’s hand and slowly started climbing back up into the boat.

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