Sunday, 25 March 2018

Water safety

Do you know what water safety is? Well you must have because it is one of the most important topic of all. Lots of people have died because they don’t know what water safety is or they were trying to help a person younger than them but they have just got themselves in trouble. Here are some steps you need to know about water safety.

Step 1 don’t swim out of the flags because there might be any rips or strong current coming. Step 2 be with an adult incase you get stuck in a rip. Step 3 always wear sunscreen so you don’t get sun burnt especially on really hot days. Step 4 learn how to swim incase of any dangers situations. Step 5 tell an adult or older helper where you’re going.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Trip to Fiji

                                                                Trip to Fiji

 The Amber Ashes of the burning campfire making a light to the world. The salty beach swishing away to the sand on the island. The palm trees whirling away with the wind giving light breeze to the people. The warm and shimmering water and the small waterfall crashing in the warm water.

 Me and my family were in a tropical island called Fiji which felt so relaxing. Also it felt like I was at home in the warm and calm spa. The beautiful sunset closing for the day. “Now let's go to the beach”. The beach had very salty water it smelt like a salty aroma.The waves were crashing in it looked really peaceful.There were lots of sand under my feet it felt like I was drowning into the sand.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

14.02.18 The pink marble

                                                                The pink marble

Today we will be talking about a funny shaped circle marble that is pink and is a size of a rubber. The marble that I was talking about is not glass it is real marble even if you see you will see a bit of white with the pink. I keep my marble and my other precious stuff in a box which is called shell box. My shell is shaped in a heart and in the outside is filled with shells.